Monday, September 24, 2012

Lots O' Stuff

From San Diego, to West Virginia, to has been very busy!! These are a few pics from our adventures lately!



Saturday, August 4, 2012

Busy, busy!

When we are not having fun, there is work to be done!  We have to build and paint a bird house!

Mow the lawn...

Hang out at Starbucks with mommy...


This is what Oliver does at gymnastics...he cheers for his big bro...

Oh yes, and if you are wondering...he crawls now!!!  On the go ALL the time!!

Always on the go!

When we can't make it to the beach, we go to the pool!

Sometimes we just put the pool up in the backyard and play with our friends!  Oliver and Elyza love to hang in the sun...even though Oliver seems to be crying!!

Parker and his friend Kale play in the "big pool!"

Lovin' Paradise!

We LOVE it here! 
We are in the water at least 3 or 4 times a week!  These are some of the fun things we do when we are there!!  Oliver is still figuring out the ocean and spends most of his time on the beach sleepin!

We boogie board with Ms. Kristin!

We chill and play with our puppies!!!

We SUP (stand up paddle board)!!

Amazing!  Parker and I went SUPing at the North Shore!  It was amazing and we got to see 10 to 20 turtles!  They came right up to our board!  Funny that all the pictures of P-Man and I are sitting...we really did stand up and paddle!  So FUN!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Parker is 3!!!!

Ok so back to the party, my other party post kicked me out, not sure why but here we go!  So this first pic is a pic of the birthday banner but I could not get it to turn the correct day so just turn your head!

Parker and mommy!

The boys wore matching shirts!! 

Setting up the obstacle course!

The whole family wore angry birds shirts!!

Parker running the course in his Captain America gear!

At the end of the course, the kids had to pick a toy and race down the big hill to the finish line!!!

I made angry bird cake pops for all the kiddos, but apparently before I could get a pic they were gone!  But here is a pic of the cake!!!  All in all an amazing party!!!!

Parker is 3!!!

May 22nd, my first baby turned 3 years old!  I cannot believe it!  He wanted an angry birds themed birthday party! So that is what he got!  Before his party, he got a few presents from his grandparents and he couldn't wait to open them and one of them was an iron man helmet!!

Daddy liked it too!!

Parker also got a brand new big boy bike!

With a dinosaur helmet!

It's the day of the big party, why not start it with an angry bird cake pop!!!


Here, we have a few adorable pics of Oliver and pics of his first haircut, which yours truely did!  He had a bit of a mullet going on and mommy and daddy were sick of it!